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I think I broke Harry Potter


So it’s 3AM and It’s just occurred to me that the most telling scene in the entire Harry Potter franchise is the scene following the announcement of the participants of the Triwizard tournament.

When Harry’s name is pulled out of the cup, literally one of the first things he…

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I will always be grateful for how this was depicted in the film.

One of my favorite scenes/stories.

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The Black sisters for anonymous

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Bonnie Wright -- Hairstyles 

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"Apart from my transformations, I was happier than I had ever been in my life. For the first time ever, I had friends, three great friends. Sirius Black, Peter Pettigrew, and, of course, your father, Harry  James Potter. Now, my three friends could hardly fail to notice that I disappeared once a month. I made up all sorts of stories. I told them my mother was ill, and that I had to go home to see her…I was terrified they would desert me the moment they found out what I was. But of course, they worked out the truth…And they didn’t desert me at all.”

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Hey, little train, wait for me. I once was blind but now I see.

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Created in the 1930s by an anonymous author (supposedly Cantankerus Nott), the directory listed the pure-blood families in Great Britain.

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The boy who cockblocked. The cockblock who lived.

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